Conformity Assessment

Trade Monitoring

Trade fraud can lead to the serious erosion of duty revenues, particularly in emerging markets where customs duties make a significant contribution to government budgets. Equally, National Standards Organisations, Governments and Customs Departments wish to ensure that imports comply with safety, quality and other standards. Audax works with a leading inspection company which assists Ministries of Finance and Customs Departments in increasing duty and related tax revenues and assists National Standards Organisations in establishing or monitoring the conformity of imported products to national and international standards. Additionally, we can provide support and training services to Customs Departments to improve operational efficiency and help build capacity.

Product Conformity Programmes

Many countries implement and enforce legislation to ensure the safety and quality of the products used in their countries. These include the European Union, the United States and Canada, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kenya and many others. Realising the importance of protecting their citizens from unsafe goods, many countries have introduced regulations to ensure that imports comply with relevant safety, quality and other standards. These regulations cover, for example, electrical goods, motor vehicles, tyres, toys, paints, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and so on. However, to be effective, product conformity programmes depend on both the setting and publication of safety and other standards and their enforcement in the market place.

The company we represent has extensive experience in operating International Conformity Certification Programmes (ICCPs) which are designed to be fully consistent with the rules and regulations of the World Trade Organisation. These programmes are also known as Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards (PVoC) programmes.

ICCPs ensure the safety of products; prevent the dumping of sub-standard products, thus protecting local manufacturers from unfair competition; and improve the quality of imported products.

The United Nations Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardisation policies, part of their Economic Commission for Europe (Committee on Trade), has this to say about PCPs:

“For further mitigation of risks, a number of international standards are followed at different stages of the production and transportation processes. Activities of conformity assessment bodies play a key role at origin and at destination to identify and report on illicit trade practices. They help prevent markets of developing countries and countries with economies in transition from becoming end-destinations for waste, illegal, dangerous or counterfeit goods”.

Inspections Of Bulk Shipments Including Oil, Gas And Minerals

Audax has recently assisted our client with its accreditation as a participant in a government-level bulk and break bulk cargo clearance programme. Under this programme, bulk and break bulk cargoes are subject to inspection and valuation prior to discharge. Within and outside of this programme, the company we represent is able to undertake inspections and valuations of bulk shipments of commodities such as oil, gas, cement, wheat and rice. Similar inspections can be undertaken for exports or imports of minerals.

Customs Support Services

Where mandated, Audax can offer high quality customs advisory services and technical solutions to improve trade, customs, tax and revenue efficiency thereby building lasting confidence, competence and capacity in our clients’ organisations and administrations.


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