Audax is proud to have supported its client, Intertek International Limited – Government and Trade Services
Division, in successfully renewing its contract with the Mozambique Revenue Authority. By 31 December
2016, Intertek will have been providing Customs support services for 21 years. These services include
inspections to validate certain categories of goods; Customs Support Teams in key customs points throughout
the country; training of 89 post-clearance auditors; training and consultancy in Customs and Internal Tax
areas; Customs valuations; support in setting up the Revenue Authority’s Training Institute and other
The Intertek and Audax teams pushing the contract over the line are (from left to right): Jeremy Knight
(Chairman, Audax Global); Avelar da Silva (Director, Intertek Mozambique); Delfina Mussane (Operations
Manager, Intertek Mozambique); Maria Manuel Fontinha (Marketing Manager, Intertek Mozambique): and
David Jewell (Director, Audax Global)