The Company

Business Objective

Audax’s primary business objective is to provide business development support services for multinational clients wishing to sell in specific international markets.

Expertise and Markets

Audax makes use of its extensive network of country-based partners to assist its clients in developing business and winning contracts. The company works on the basis of receiving a success fee and/or a percentage of any contract won with its assistance.

The company has been instrumental in winning business and managing contracts for its clients in countries such as Ecuador, Guinea, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Madagascar, Russia, Turkey, Moldova, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

Further information on some of the areas in which we work can be seen under the Our Services tabs and below:

Conformity Assessment

Product conformity and used vehicle inspection programmes

Inspection and certification of bulk shipments including oil, gas and minerals

Provision of Customs support and training services

Fuel Marking

Financial software

Software solutions from core banking systems to specialised software for capital markets, treasury, cash, fund and risk management

Fully integrated software for online and mobile banking

Telecoms audits

Optimisation of telecom revenues for governments

Full visibility for Regulators over telecom traffic and revenues

Reconciliation of VAT returns in telecoms sector

Optimisation of systems for Operators

Infrastructure projects

Roads and drainage projects – consulting and construction

Port reconstruction

Security paper, printing & coins

Security paper and printing: fiscal stamps & banknotes

ID systems (national ID cards, driving licences & passports)

Finished coins and blanks

Audax’s reach is global with business development support being offered in all five continents.