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Conformity Assessment

Verification of Conformity (VoC) Programmes are adopted by many governments to ensure that imports conform to relevant National or International standards. VoC programmes:

Tax Stamps

The global trade in counterfeit and smuggled goods is an industry worth many billions of US dollars per annum. Funds gained from this illicit trade can support serious organised crime and terrorist organisations. The effects on industries, and the business that operate within them, can be devastating and cause huge losses in tax revenue to governments. Alcohol, cigarettes and pharmaceuticals are just three of the many products frequently counterfeited or smuggled across borders without the required tax being paid.

The sale of tax stamps involves detailed discussions with Central Banks, Ministries of Finance,
Revenue Authorities and major manufacturers as part of a comprehensive revenue protection programme. Audax’s partner, with whom we work in specific territories, has developed a range of leading tax stamp security and authentication systems which enable governments to protect their revenues and ensure that products entering their geographic boundaries are genuine.

High security tax stamps combine overt and covert security features to enable consumers and customs officials alike to confirm that products are authentic. Combined with security print, serial numbers and/or bar codes, these tax stamps provide the most effective protection available against counterfeiting.

Analysis of Big Data

Working in partnership with governments in emerging economies, N-Soft is able to raise revnues without raising taxes. Innovative technology enhances governments’ ability to analyse and supervise the data from major digital sectors, including telecoms, finance, mobile money transfers, gambling and commodities. N-Soft is much more than a GovTech company. It is committed to working hand-in-hand with governments throughout the contract implementation process and beyond. Implementation is fast and the company ensures smooth daily operation. The potential income from the sectors mentioned, which are the central pillars of emerging economies, is substantial and has enormous implications for each country’s economic prospects. Founded in 1986, N-Soft has built, up a network of highly-trained staff members based in Africa, Asia and Europe with a flourishing R&D department and headquarters in Hong Kong.

The solutions offered:

Banknotes & Security Paper

In specific territories we partner with leading suppliers of:

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